Casa Lagazio: the antiquity museum of Valparaiso where cats are part of the walk

Oscar Valenzuela| Radio Bio Bio
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Valparaiso is a unique city, not only due to its iconic mixture of cultures, architecture, colors and history. But also because this city hides secrets just around the corner.

Oscar Valenzuela, journalist of Bio Bio Radio, came across one of those. Hence, very close to the Radio he found an antiquity store where, apparently the cats are part of the inventory.

It is about Plomo, a six-year-old cat and Lulú, his mother, a nine-year-old lady cat. Who stroll themselves with all confidence through “ Casa Lagazio”, located in Independencia 1978 street, like in their own house.

Casa Lagazio is one of the most traditionalist of Valparaiso. It was established in 1936 by the Italian immigrant Luis Lagazio Cavallo. Today this house is under the administration of his 95-year-old son, Humberto Campodónico. Who year by year had been looking how tourist not only get surprised due to the treasures around the shop. As well as with his felines.

The store works at the same time like a free museum, where you can go over centuries of history, and if you offer a good talk, you can have maybe a cup of tea, while Plomo and Lulú curled up your side.
Some charm that only Valparaiso could offer.

Oscar Valenzuela | Radio Bio Bio

Oscar Valenzuela | Radio Bio Bio

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