Today has began the trial against the only accused due to the assassination of the American psychologist Erica Hagan, inside the Baptist School of Temuco.

The hearing was initially scheduled for last Wednesday but due to a dental problem of the one imputed, it was postponed for today.

The accused, Domingo Cofré Ferrada, is risking at least 25 years of prison because of the crimes of qualified homicide and frustrated fire.

The hearing was broadcasted through internet for the victim’s relatives in the United States, after the authorization given by the Tribunal to the Prosecuting.

On the first day of trial and after the reading of the accusation by the judge president of the court room were heard the opening pleas, where the prosecutor Miguel Ángel Velázquez assured be able to convince the judges in respect to the guilty of the accused as the author of the crime.

On the other hand, the defense team, represented by the lawyer Luis Felipe Romero, pointed out that during the trial the defense will establish the innocence of his represented.