A truly milestone for the Chilean economy and for the tourism of the area, was the arrival of the National Geographic Explorer, to the site 1 of the Coquimbo Port. With this event the 2015-2016 season of cruises was inaugurated.

This fact highlighted the fast normalization of the terminal after the high magnitude quake and tsunami of the last septembre 16th. And in addition it ratified the big interest that destinies, attractions and products of the region are waking up on the abroad tourists.

Claudio Ibañez, the regional Intendant, said during the reception given to the 103 passengers of the cruise, which is oriented to the scientific and tourist expeditions, that “ we are giving a strong signal as government and region, we achieved only one month later of the hard events of septembe,r the recovering of an important part of the functioning of our port. This allowed us to receive this first cruise and to initiate a promising season”.