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DINA’s ex agents have been sentenced to 20 years for crimes of torture and execution

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The Appealing Court of Santiago ratified the sentence of 20 years of imprisonment against 3 ex agents from the DINA, due to torture and murdering of 6 members of a family in 1975. The dictatorship’s agents tried to hide the crimes as confrontations with activists from the MIR.

The ex agents are Miguel Krassnoff Martchenko, Basclay Zapata Reyes and Rolf Wenderoth Pozo.

The men were condemned as joint authors of the assassinations of Alberto Gallardo Pacheco, Catalina Gallardo Moreno, Mónica Pacheco Sánchez, Luis Ganga Torres, Manuel Reyes Garrido and Pedro Cortés Jélvez, perpetrated in November of 1975.

The victims were detained and transfered to Villa Grimaldi,the most important of DINA’s many complexes that were used for the interrogation and torture of political prisoners , where they were executed, after being tortured severely.

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