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Ipsos: Latin America considers Chile as the country with best economy of the area

Raúl Zamora | Agencia UNO
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A study made by the international consulting Ipsos, determinated that the press of Latin America, considers to Chile as the country with the best economy of the block. However, when analyzing projections, Argentina and Cuba have been considered as the nations with the best development oportunities in the future.

The analysis took into account the answers of 286 journalists, of 16 countries of Latin America, who are considered as opinion leaders. The survey was applied among November of 2015 and January of 2016.

The study revealed that 83% of the ones polled, qualified the Chilean economy as good, while only 16% was of the opinion that it is a bad one.

On the list, Chile is followed by Uruguay, whose economy was evaluated with 76% of approval.

In contrast to Chile and Uruguay, 96% of the ones polled considers that Venezuela has the worst economy of the area.

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