RN deputies request to the Government give urgency to the Private security law

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After the violence acts which had place at the Elías Figueroa Stadium in Valparaíso, the RN deputies, Marcela Sabat and Gonzalo Fuenzalida, requested to the Government give urgency to the project of law which pursue the regulation of the private security in the country.

In addition they pointed out that the administrations of professional football clubs should be more effectively inspected for fulfill the regulation actually in force, regarding to the stadiums safety.

In respect with this point, the deputy Marcela Sabat, assured that “the Government should forget its complex and assume responsabilities. If are necessary the modifications or even the abolishment of the Safe Stadium Plan, it should be done with determination. The Government cannot continue with hesitations regarding to security matters, because this is precisely what is allowing to the delinquents act under impunity”.

On his Behalf, Gonzalo Fuenzalida highlighted the importance of a Private Security law for the Stadiums in Chile, and accused the Government of not give great importance to this matter.

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