Government accepts “weaknesses” on law of rights and duties of the football

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The spokesman of the Government , Marcelo Díaz, made a self-criticism related to the responsability of the Executive on the football violence episodes, that took place on last Sunday. The minister assured that the law of rights and duties of the football they have promoted has shown weaknesses.

Díaz has also said that they have to be responsible for correcting the lacks of the current legislation and made a call to every actor in order to assume responsabilities.

In addition, the spokesman pointed out that they will inspect the behavior of the people who have assignments on this matter (football violence), referring to the man currently in charge of the Plan Estadio Seguro, José Roa.

Regarding to the continuity of Roa in charge of the stadiums’ safety, the State secretary declined the confirmation on his charge, assuring that all the authorities are on a constantly evaluation.

The law of rights and duties of football was promulgated the past 9th of June, previously to the Copa America. On it was enlarged the chase of the crime beyond the stadium, also at the entry and exit of the facility, during the practices and in general, in front of any criminal act which could have relation with football hooliganism and gangs.

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