PDI broke up a pedophilia gang at Valparaiso, Sename’s officer is involved

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The Investigation Police (PDI) has detained to 4 people who are part of an international pedophilia network. The criminals worked storing material of children and babies sexually assaulted by adults and an officer of the Sename ( National Service of Minors) of Valparaiso is part of the criminal gang.

The Cybercrime brigade of the PDI has broke up the gang of pedophiles through the Cascabel operation.

Regarding to the modus operandi, the police Jazmin Cárdenas, chief of the brigade, informed that the involved in the crime have used innovative methods to hide the child pornographic material they stored, because many of them were computer professionals.

One of the detainees was an employee of the Center of provisional detention at Limache, part of the National Service of Minors, and also he was an active volunteer of an NGO.

The Sename’s director, Esteban Elortegui, assured that after the formalization of the man, he was dismissed because of the categorical records against him.

Elortegui announced the submission of a criminal sue against the involved on this child pornography network.

The criminals have been identified. Three of them were formalized and released, while the fourth man is going to be formalized today.

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