Trial against the only accused of the assassination of Erica Hagan has begun

Domingo Cofré | Agencia UNO
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Today will begin the trial against the only accused due to the assassination of the American psychologist Erica Hagan. The hearing has been scheduled for 9.00 am at the Penal Tribunal of Temuco.

The Public ministry is going to be represented by the prosecutor Miguel Ángel Velázquez and on the other hand, Domingo Cofré Ferrada, the only imputed on this crime and who has assured publicly his innocence will be defended by his lawyers Luis Felipe Romero, Javier Jara and John Camus.

Meanwhile the courtroom is going to be integrated by his president, the magistrate Juan Santana Soto; Luis Torres Sanhueza, the magistrate in charge of the verdict’s writing and the judge Luis Sarmiento.

The trial was scheduled for this morning, but according to the information provided by the Penal Tribunal of Temuco, it was postponed for the coming Friday because of a dental treatment of the imputed.

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