Chile between countries with threatened Patrimony according to WMF list

Geoglyphs of Chug-Chug in the desert of Atacama | WMF
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Twelve sites of Latin America, and between them, three of Cuba and two each one of Peru, Mexico and Chile, are part of the 2016 list of threatened patrimonies of the World Monuments Fund (WMF),which was presented the last Monday in New York City.

Between the 50 sites from 36 countries are include the cultural monuments from Nepal, the mythic City of Petra in Jordan, a coastal of Beirut and an Albanian prison.

The WMF is an independent organization and non-profit. Every two years their list is spread, based on the work of experts. The chosen places are going to receive financial support during the coming two years, in order to revert the problems.

The two Chilean sites are The General Cemetery of Santiago and the geoglyphs of Chug-Chug in the desert of Atacama.

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