Chile beats Brazil 2-0 on its debut on the World Cup qualifiers

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Tonight Chile won its 1st match 2-0 in the qualifiers to the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia. But this is not all, “La Roja” also beats the Brazilian team after 15 years of bad streak, demonstrating why it is the current champion of America.

For the first half hour of the match, it became quickly apparent that the strategies of both teams were working, but nobody could score.

The second half was more eventful than the first, and chances became increasingly harder to come by for both teams.

Chile opened the account in the 71st minute after Eduardo Vargas’ goal. Automatically the National Stadium became crazy.

In the 90th minute Alexis Sanchez scored the winning goal to give Chile the historical victory. Thus, the Chilean National team continue gathering triumphs.

In regards to the match Dunga, the brazilian coach, “defined the play as on a very similar level, but Chile was more efficient defining”.

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