Natural- unprocessed marihuana could pass to be a soft drug like alcohol and tobacco

ARCHIVO | Pablo Rojas | Agencia UNO
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In the middle of the decriminalization of the marihuana consumption in Chile, the goverment would have proposed to the health comission of Congress, that unprocessed cannabis should be becategorized as a soft drug.

According to La Segunda, deputy Victor Torres (DC), pointed out that “the government is willing to pass the natural marihuana from list 1(where are some hard drugs like heroin and cocaine) to list 2 (soft drugs like alcohol and tobacco).

Even so, the cannabis sale would continue being punished while the modifications are going to be accomplish by decrees.

In addition, Torres explained, that “the main purpose of the first measure is to reduce the sanction on the sale of the natural cannabis, but we don´t know yet under which conditions will be allow for its tenancy and consumption”, he concluded

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