Servel did not inscribe Giorgio Jackson’s movement as a party due to its “revolution” name

Revolución Democrática
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The Electoral Service (Servel), refuted the name of the political movement of which the Deputy Giorgio Jackson is part. This due to for the entity’s criteria its revolution’s meanings indicate actions against the public order and the social peace.

According to La Tercera, the Servel, provided a document to the directive of “Democratic Revolution” where the entity explain that render to the political parties’ law, there are not allowed groups with names, symbols or initials in opposition to the Constitution and the law.

In addition, the organism, solicited to the political movement the replacement or modification of the name and symbols indicated on the public scripture and also its consequent protocol.

On this matter, Giorgio Jackson, stated by his twitter account that the Servel decision means to him a rough censure,” unacceptable and absolutely unjustifiable”.

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