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Ena von Baer: “I did not get funding from Penta illegaly”

Pablo Ovalle | Agencia Uno
Pablo Ovalle | Agencia Uno
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Senator, Ena von Baer, ​​reaffirmed her innocence regarding the charges she is being accused of, after making statements in the investigation for illegal financing in her political campaign.

After the meeting, Von Baer said she trusts Chilean institutions and stressed repeatedly that the money she got for her campaign was legally raised.

“The financing for my campaign was raised within the frameworks set by the law, I never get financing from Penta,”she said.

“I never asked anybody to issue bills to Penta so that I could finance my political campaign with that money,” she added.

About the email revealed that shows her contacting the management of the company, the parliamentary claimed that it was sent after the campaign.

“This mail was sent for a debt remaining after the campaign, this was a request, and I want to make it clear that the mail was never answered and, therefore, I never received funds from Penta” she said.

“I expect the prosecutors to do a serious, diligent and objective work,” she added.

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