Hace un poco más de una semana, Talinda Bennington, viuda de Chester Bennington, exvocalista de Linkin Park que se suicidó en julio, compartió un video de su esposo horas antes que este se suicidara. En el registro, se ve al artista jugando y compartiendo con sus familiares, sin indicios de lo que haría después.

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También compartió una foto días antes de su muerte. “Esto fue días antes que mi esposo se suicidara”, escribió.


Pues, tal como intenta demostrarlo la viuda del músico, existen un gran número de personas que padecen depresión o que piensan en suicidarse, sin dar indicios de la profunda tristeza y/o vacío que los está aquejando.

En el contexto anterior, considerando que septiembre es el mes de la prevención del suicidio en varios países de habla hispana, muchas personas han decidido compartir historias similares con el hashtag #faceofdepression mostrando imágenes de personas que luego se suicidaron, lo intentaron o que padecían depresión.

Revisa aquí algunas imágenes y relatos:

Long post ahead! Please if you feel like reading it, understand how transparent I have been and please respect that. I don't know if I will keep this up! It is very personal, but also very important. Also a heads up to my loved ones – I am okay ❤️💛💜. .CW: mental health, depression, anxiety, suicide, self harm. . I took this photo a week after my birthday, in the midst of one of the worst and longest depressive episodes I've had. I'm smiling, I'm dressed and ready to head out with friends. I felt okay in that moment, but the evening was cut short because I had a massive panic attack while I was out. September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, and as the month draws to a close it's important to remember to continue the conversation and work toward removing the stigma surrounding mental health. Around the time this photo was taken I went back to my psychologist because I was severely struggling. I'd lost interest in everything that normally I loved. I lost any desire to rekindle those interests, I lost motivation, hope, energy, happiness. I lost myself, for a long time. I told her I was experiencing dread, suicide ideation, recurrence of self harm, panic attacks, anxiety, exhaustion and a general sense of hopelessness. She told me that I looked okay today and changed the topic, failing to talk to me about what I had said. It took immense courage for me to say those words out loud to someone. I hadn't told anyone else how much I was struggling, and for her to shrug it off because I looked okay was really damaging. It is so important to understand that depression doesn't have a typical face. I conceal my real feelings a lot of the time because I want you to be happy- I don't want to worry you, or burden you with my troubles. A lot of the time I know it's hard to understand, because it's just as hard to explain, so I keep it to myself, and work through it on my own, in my own way. I don't want to be sad and anxious, I'm generally a positive, active and ambitious person. But, there is a chemical imbalance in my brain that makes it hard, despite my best intentions, to thrive all the time. Continued in comments…

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“Tomé esta foto una semana después de mi cumpleaños, en medio de uno de los peores y más largos episodios depresivos que he tenido. Estoy sonriendo, estoy vestida y lista para salir con amigos. Me sentí bien en ese momento, pero la noche fue interrumpida porque tuve un ataque de pánico mientras estaba afuera”.

#facesofdepression #faceofdepression The picture on the left was taken 3 weeks before I attempted suicide. I was in the bus with some friends, coming back from a party and going to an after party. I was kinda drunk and had one of the best night ever. The top right picture is the bracelet I had to wear in the hospital after attempting to jump off a bridge on December 15th 2016. I took the last picture of myself in January 2017. I was in a psychiatric clinic. I tried to hang myself in the room on December 31st. But still, even after this shit, I was wearing make up and I had brushed my hair and I felt "good" that day. I don't want attention, I want to bring awareness, I want people to know what real depression is, I want people to know that there are so many different ways to be depressed because depression is an illness that has so many different symptoms and that fucks with your mind and everything you've ever been through. You can't always guess what is anyone going through. Stay strong y'all. ❤️ I

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“La foto de la izquierda fue tomada 3 semanas antes de intentar suicidarme. Estaba en el autobús con algunos amigos, volviendo de una fiesta para ir a otra. Estaba un poco borracha y tenía una de las mejores noches de mi vida”.

“La imagen de arriba a la derecha es la pulsera que tuve que usar en el hospital después de intentar saltar de un puente el 15 de diciembre de 2016”.

“La última selfie es de en enero de 2017. Estaba en una clínica psiquiátrica. Intenté colgarme en la habitación el 31 de diciembre. Pero aún así, incluso después de esta mierda, llevaba maquillaje y me había cepillado el cabello y me sentí “bien” ese día”.

“Esta es una foto dos días antes que el amor de mi vida se suicidara”.

“Es posible sentirse deprimida, aunque tengas hijos. Siempre me dicen ‘no tienes una razón para estar deprimido con ellos alrededor’ y no hacen nada por mí, sólo me hacen sentir peor. Otros dicen, ‘todo lo que necesitas es ejercicio y una buena dieta’, sólo me dan ganas de golpearlos cuando lo hacen. La depresión te impide hacer las cosas que quieres hacer porque es literalmente un desequilibrio químico en tu cerebro”.


“Con depresión desde el instituto, agorafobia, un intento de suicidio. En mi país, tener una enfermedad mental significa que ‘tus padres no te dieron una buena torta’ o que ‘tu marido debería echarte de casa para que busques un trabajo’ Así que aprendí a sonreír incluso en los peores días”.

#faceofdepression in private and in public

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“En privado y en público”.

Even when there are difficult days that you want it all to stop, there is the world that is not going to. It is frustrating when you run a plan and you yourself are the biggest obstacle, when you are having a good time and sad emotions come out without reason, when, figuratively, there is a roller coaster in your head, but you feel it so real to affect and turn a normal day into the darkest one. It feels not your mind nor your life to be yours anymore. Time passes, beauty takes the world, then sadness, then happiness again and, sometimes, both at the same time and, finally, you realize this is life, this is you, this is what you have to deal with and, there is no other safe way than staying stronger than your emotions. This is my #faceofdepression, September is the National Suicide Prevention month. Encouragement to everybody. #facesofdepression

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“Hay días difíciles en los que quieres que todo se detenga (…) es frustrante cuando logras ejecutar un plan y tu mismo eres el mayor obstáculo. Cuando estás pasando un buen rato y las emociones de tristeza salen sin razón, cuando, en sentido figurado, hay una montaña rusa en la cabeza (…) Sientes que ni tu mente ni tu vida son tuyos”.


“Unas 3 horas antes de un enorme ataque de pánico que terminó conmigo autolesionándome”.

This me. All of me. Hello, my name is Nyssa. I suffer from debilitating depression and anxiety. And more recently- seizures. I've had to miss days of work for the sole reason of not being able to get out of bed and function. I've recently had to take a leave of absence from a job I absolutely loved because of these issues. There are days I smile and I laugh and you can't tell I'm going through hell. Then there are days like today where I lay on my couch and cry. For reasons I, myself, don't even know. Most days I pretend, and boy have I become good at it. Then there are days that I'm too tired to pretend and I let it all out. Today I read a quote that really resonated with me. "You can only lose something that you have, but you cannot lose something that you are." Eckhart Tolle This is me. All of me. #depression #anxiety #thisisme #faceofdepression #mentalhealth #fightthestigma

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“Sufro de depresión debilitante y ansiedad. He tenido que perder días de trabajo por la única razón de no poder salir de la cama y funcionar. Recientemente tuve que tomar una licencia de ausencia de un trabajo que amé absolutamente debido a estos episodios”.

“Hay días que sonrío y me río y no pareciera que estoy ‘pasando por el infierno’. Luego hay días como hoy donde me tumbo en mi sillón y lloro. Por razones que yo misma no sé. La mayoría de los días tengo que fingir. Luego hay días que estoy demasiado cansada para fingir y lo dejo todo”.