The minister of Foreign Affairs, Heraldo Muñoz, arranged a meeting with a group of ex chancellors at La Moneda, who have supported the decision of suing back Bolivia, that was proposed by president Michelle Bachelet. Additionally, they warned about the consequences of leaving the Pact of Bogota.

The ex chancellor Ignacio Walker, suggested that leave the Pact of Bogotá would be a tantrum from Chile. Instead of that, he assured that is necessary to have a mechanism of pacific resolution of the conflicts.

On his behalf, chancellor Muñoz accused an ” hostility policy” from Bolivia against Chile, that would have emerged from the ” despair of the Bolivian Government, regarding to the maritime lawsuit, because they are not going to get the results they have been expecting, which is the sovereignity”.

Michelle Bachelet announced today that, if Bolivia sues Chile, for using the waters of the Silala river, our country will be suing back.

“In 2009 we were close to achieve a project of agreement for the using of the Silala’s waters, but finally, Bolivia was against the agreed. This shows that they are not willing to dialogue, and they want to manipulate the international instances”, said the president.