Our country’s dairy industry remains in trouble. Last week, José Pérez, radical deputy from the 47 district of the Bío Bío, made a call to investigate which kind of collusion does exist between Nestlé and Soprole. Dairy’s companies that have been accused of carrying the milk field to the extinction.

The president of the Agriculture Commission at the Deputies chamber, explained that as a consequence of the low prices that dairy companies are paying for the milk to the producers, they are not able to finance the routine expenses, thus, many of them decided to close because they aren’t having accounting profits.

According to Pérez, this is an abuse out of proportion by Nestlé and Soprole, considering that these companies are paying pesos per a liter of milk, and on the other side, consumers pay more than pesos for the same amount of milk at supermarkets.

The milk zone concentrates between Bío Bío – Los Lagos and has been deeply affected by the crisis. As a reaction, the past Friday, milk farmers have had an emergency summit with Carlos Furche, Agriculture Minister in order to set some safeguards.