The SHOA is going to install two buoys of last generation technology in order to detected tsunamis on the central-north zone of the country.

It is about two prototypes of floats to evaluate and inform about tsunamis from the Ocean’s bottom.

Cristian Meining, Ambient Engineer Director of the NOAA, explained that the main advantage of this new system stand due to the information of a possible tsunami will come faster and also when the quake has doesn´t finish yet.

Meanwhile, Almirant Patricio Carrasco, SHOA’s director, referred about the reasons why our country was elected as the first nation in operate those prototypes. And in addition he pointed out that the buoys are going to be located in the place where the tectonic plates are under friction to allow a better prediction.

The prototypes will be installed 77 miles- west from Mejillones and 113 miles- west from Constitución, each one. Adding to the fitted on Iquique and Caldera.

The two buoys will be installed by the crew of the Cabo de Hornos ship. And on the next eight days the prototypes will be working sending the required information for the country’s alerts.