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Man died shot down by General of Carabineros after attempt of assault

Felipe Cornejo | RBB
Felipe Cornejo | RBB
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A man died in a new case of “portonazo”. The incident occurred after a neighbor of the victim of assault, shot against one of the criminals who were trying to steal a car in Providencia.

When the victim was boarded , she screamed asking for help to her neighbors, and one of them, who is General of Carabineros, went out and after being threatened with a weapon he decided to used his weapon of service and shot against one of the robbers.Who resulted injured in the head, told the coronel Pedro Douguet.

The Public attorney, Ernesto Navarro, affirmed that it is under investigation if one of the criminals involved had fired in the scene of the crime. Regarding to the action of the General , Navarro pointed out that he would have reacted in self- defense in the favour of others. Because they neighbors were victims of a crime.

Regarding to the gang of criminals, it must be mentioned that they would have perpetrated other crimes in the sector.

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