Documents would demonstrate participation of Pinochet on Orlando Letelier’s assasination

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On Thursday Juan Pablo Letelier referred about the documents delivered by United States in relation with the assassination of his father, Orlando Letelier, the crime happened in 1976 in Washington.

Thus, the Senator expressed his gratitude to the US Government due to the documents brought. The records allude to Augusto Pinochet as the one who was involved directly as much on the crime as on the concealment of the facts.

“The new information which arise from this documents is the proof we didn´t have before, about that Pinochet gave the order. We did have the conviction but not the juridical record to sustain it”, stated Juan Pablo Letelier.

“There is a document from the state secretary at that time, George Shultz, who said very clearly that he had a CIA record with conclusive information about that Pinochet was the one who ordered Manuel Contreras execute this act of terrorism”, added the Senator.

This document concludes that Pinochet produced the attack and that he thought about killing the head of the Chilean intelligence:

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