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President Bachelet: reconstruction at the North of country would cost USD$1.500 millions

Pablo Vera Lisperguer | Agencia Uno
Pablo Vera Lisperguer | Agencia Uno
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Today, Wednesday the President of the Republic, Michelle Bachelet presented a balance about the tasks to be done because of the catastrophe that affected mainly the Atacama Region, and also the regions of Antofagasta and Coquimbo.

In this balance, the President said that the total normalization and reconstruction labors in the damaged areas would cost 1.500 million dollars (over 915.000 million pesos), this because of the ‘extension and the damage’. While, until now there has been an expenditure of USD$ 250 millions in order to solve the early emergency. Regarding this, she stated that the country will be able to ‘devote all our energy to overcome the consequences of this tragic episode’.

Near 30.000 people are listed as affected due to the rain and the landslides.

She detailed that in order to finance this, a third of the Copper Restricted Law, and two thirds of adjustments done to the 2016-2018 Budget Law.

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