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Chilean senator, currently running for reelection, Fulvio Rossi, was admitted to hospital this morning after being stabbed in the Península de Cavancha area in Iquique, capital city of the Tarapacá region in the north of the country.

According to preliminary information, Mr Rossi would have entered Iquique’s Regional Hospital unaided, where he was subject to medical examination. It was confirmed that he is conscious, stable and his life is not at risk.

In the first statement, medical staff said that Mr Rossi had two injuries: one in the abdomen due to a blade, which would not have compromised the abdominal cavity, and a traumatic brain injury due to a blow to the head that left him unconscious for at least one minute.

Local authorities, such as the head of the Regional Government, Claudia Rojas, visited Mr Rossi in hospital to check his condition, who still needs further exams because of his injuries.

Different versions

At first, preliminary information pointed out that Mr Rossi was accompanied by his campaign staff while they were retiring political posters off the street, when two unidentified people approached him so as to attack him. One of them is said to have hit him on the head and that the other stabbed him.

A later version, told by his closest advisors, says that the senator was attacked on his way to his campaign headquarters, and that he was alone at the moment of the assault. It was in that place where he was, allegedly, found right after by one of his staff members.


What is a fact is that the candidate had received warnings, even death threats, since October. That was confirmed by one of Mr Rossi’s advisors, Paula Afani, who added that they had reported the situation to the Public Prosecutor’s Office two weeks ago.

The assault was condemned by politicians from all parties, the current presidential candidates and President Michelle Bachelet herself.

The Police confirmed the attack and, in a statement, added that an investigation was launched. Nonetheless, no one has been arrested hitherto.

The Government’s spokesperson, Paula Narváez, affirmed that “the situation is being analised” and that they “are waiting to have futher details to present a lawsuit”.

On Monday, a lorry that transported part of Mr Rossi’s campaign staff overturned and the candidate himself -a doctor- aided several of them.