New emails make evident dark treaties between Catholic leaders in Chile
Publicado por: Daniela Wilhelm
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Through the current week two emails sent by Cardinal Francisco Javier Errazuriz on 2006 and 2010 came out, disclosing the intent to cover up case background in order to avoid more damages from the sexual abuses in which high priests from the Chilean Catholic church were involved.

Today, new emails came out again, showing the manipulation inside the priesthood. Those emails directly involves Err√°zuriz and one of the church innocence defender, the archbishop Ricardo Ezzati.

In like manner, the electronic correspondence mentions Enrique Correa, one of the main lobbyist in the country, who has been participating by contained the last political scandals and also has an important web of influence into the government.

According to ‚ÄúEl Mostrador‚ÄĚ, Ezzati and Errazuriz have coordinated some actions in order to impede Felipe Berrios¬ī calling as La Moneda priest. And in addition they have blocked Juan Carlos Cruz, one of the sexual victims of Karadima, to integrate a children protection commission which was created by Francisco Pope.

In one of the emails, sent on June 28th of 2014, Ezzati wrote to his ‚Äúepiscopal brother‚ÄĚ to warn him about the importance to take measures due of an eventual designation of Juan Carlos Cruz to the Sexual abuses foresight commission. Because as a Karadima¬īs victim he could put at risk the church interests.

‚ÄúI hope this is not true, that could be too serious for the church in Chile. It means, besides other things, to give credit and support to Mr.Cruz construction, which he has built cleverly. After the Congregation‚Äôs Decree for the Faith Doctrine and beyond the impartial, painful and shameful elements condemned by the same Decree and which responses to the truth of the facts. I hope you can lobby with who has the responsibility of this designation‚ÄĚ, as El Mostrador recorded.

Similarly, they have deal with Felipe Berríos designation, a Jesuit priest, who on that time gave a stiff interview for TVN (Chilean National Television), in which he made clear the insecurity of the Chilean church, affected by the power circles and a strong secrecy.

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