Government rejects the carrying of weapons by security guards at shopping centers

ARCHIVO | Pablo Vera | Agencia UNO
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This Tuesday morning was delivered the report related to the evaluation of the polices of November, about crimes with a more social connotacion.

It was in that context that the Interior undersecretary , Mahmud Aleuy, explained that as Government they have evaluated in many opportunities the option of allow to the security guards at the comercial centers to carry fire arms in order to prevent crimes.

This because of the last weekend there was a new robbery to one of the jeweller´s inside the Alto Las Condes shopping Center, which finished with the balance of one dead.

“The training required to the permission for the carrying of fire weapons is very high and until now we have rejected that option. Naturally , the police are evaluating the option permanently, but for now, it’s only allowed for the armored trucks and banks”, the authority said.

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