Jorge Abbott assumes as the new National Prosecutor in replacement of Sabas Chahuán

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Jorge Abbott assumed as the new National Prosecutor after the ceremony of change of command which was celebrated this Tuesday morning. In this opportunity, Sabas Chahuan expressed his gratitude to his family and to the regionals prosecutors, who were qualified by him as “loyal collaborators”

Chahuan stressed that under his administration, ” he advanced with decision, firmness and with an institutional sense in order to improve the ássistance of victims and witnesses, but he also recognized the possibility to make more, and strenghten their bows with the community” .

In regard to his successor, he talked about him and described to Abbott as a “loyal and honest person with a large career related to the public service, capable to lead the Institution to where it deserves and improve everything what we have done”.

On his behalf and after Chahuan’s words, Abbott went up the podium and pointed out that he is ” assuming a strong Institution”.

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