Arica complains about the postponement of a borderland after creation of Peruvian district

Faro Limar cerca del Hito 1 | Rodrigo Villalón | Agencia UNO
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After the promulgation of the Peruvian district ” La Yarada Los Palos” , the Arica and Parinacota region expressed their complaint due to the postponement of the borderland.

It was precisely on this circumstance that the mixed commision of infraestructure, tourism and international affairs belonging to the region, held a meeting in the middle of the street.

This, according to the counselors, because of the reaction and annoyance generated by the idea of instalation of a border wall “to avoid the entrance of drugs and undocumented inmigrants”, as Rodrigo Díaz from the PPD, explained.

Anyway, considering the insistence of the technical organizations, the proyect has been postponed for a next session.

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