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Chilean President Michelle Bachelet appoints new ministers to face crisis

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President Michelle Bachelet appointed new ministers on monday to face political crisis in Chile, after a number of corruption scandals that surfaced in the last months.

In her first Cabinet change, Bachelet has appointed five new ministers today. They are Rodrigo Valdes (PPD) who will assumed Finance, Jorge insunza (PPD) in the General Secretariat of the Presidency, Marcelo Diaz (PS) in the General Secretariat of Government, Ernesto Ottone (independent) in the National Council of Culture and the Arts, and Marcos Barraza (PC) in Social Development.

Besides, there are four current Cabinet members who have been appointed in new ministries. The first of them is Jorge Burgos (DC), who will leave the ministry of Defense to assume Interior and Public Security.

The other ones are Jose Antonio Gomez (PRSD) who will leave Justice to assume Defense, Javiera Blanco (independent) who will leave Labor to assume Justice, and Ximena Rincon (DC) who will leave the General Secretariat of the Presidency to assume Labor.

Meanwhile, there are five former ministers who have left the Cabinet today, including the former minister of Interior, Rodrigo Peñailillo, who has been implicated in a corruption scandal regarding ilegal funding for campaings.

Other authorities who have left the Cabinet are Alberto Arenas (former Finance minister), Alvaro Elizalde (former General Secretariat of Government minister), Fernanda Villegas (former Social Development minister) and Claudia Barattini (former chairman of the National Council of Culture and the Arts).

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