Alberto Espinoza, lawyer of Sergio Galvarino Apablaza, has harshly criticized the efforts of the Government to refute the political asylum of the ex leader , granted by Argentina, in order to get his extradition.

Through an interview with Expreso Bío Bío, the lawyer pointed out that what really grabs attention, are the efforts the Government is doing, regarding to a situation that was solved before, by the Chilean institutions, within the rule of law. Thus, The nub of the issue was an extradition procedure that was made through the Chilean judicial proceedings (tribunals), and clarified that the situation was solved in Argentina putting emphasis on the condition as a refugee above of the request of extradition.

“The Chilean Government efforts are absolutly unjustified and shameful, because it has interfered in a situation that was already solved , exerting a nullity action of an administrative procedure, part of the international law, and solved by Argentina”, stated the lawyer.

In regards to the condition of refugee of his client, Espina explained the decision was took by Argentina based on the International convention of refugees.