Minsal asked Peru for 30.000 TB vaccines due to a serious shortage

ARCHIVO | Pablo Rojas Madariaga | Agencia UNO
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The Chilean Ministry of Health (Minsal) asked Peru for 30.000 doses of vaccine against the tuberculosis in order to avoid that 12.000 children be left without TB immunization.

This due to the Swedpharm Laboratory has suffered a delay of the TB vaccines delivery. The situation is serious if we considered that every newborn who weigh more than 2 kilos must to be innoculated.

The delay in the delivered of the medicine produced a serious shortage, thus, since today to December the public establishments are not going to have the vaccine. Being affected between 10.000 to 12.000 babies.

However, the chief of the immunization program of the Minsal, Fernando Muñoz, explained that with the purpose of palliate this problem, has been requested to Perú, through the Panamerican Health Organization, the delivery of 30.000 doses of the vaccine to prevent the babies of being left without their obligatory inmunization.

On his behalf, Jeannette Dabanch , president of the Chilean Society of infectology, ensured that this is not about an eradicated illness , and for that reason it is important a permanent vigilance.

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