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Bachelet quoted a memorable phrase of Spiderman at an official ceremony

Tobey Maguire interpretando a “Peter Parker” junto al “tío Ben” | Sony Pictures
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How deep could society be influenced by a comic strip? It seems that to answer would be necessary an exhaustive analysis. But, things change when fiction becomes part of the reality, due to the use of its lines.

An example of this happened this Friday, when President Michelle Bachelet, quoted a famous phrase of the Marvel´s comic, Spiderman. Phrase that turns in the code of honor of this superhero.

It was during an official ceremony where the Servel had been proclaimed as an independent organization, when Bachelet used this memorable line: “with great power comes great responsibility”.

Probably you will remember this iconic phrase pronounced by Uncle Ben to Peter Parker on his beginnings as a superhero, which has been repeated with every reboot of the arachnid.

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