Labor reform: Minister demanded seriousness to those criticizing indications

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The Minister of Finance, Rodrigo Valdés, demanded seriousness to those criticizing indications introduced by the Executive to the labor reform.

Respect to these indications, Valdés said that “it is natural, people have different opinions because it is about an issue in where all of us are giving something and nobody it is going to be completely happy”.

The authority shared in addition the Government vision about the criticism to the proposals coming from the business sector, “we are surprise with the unpleasant declarations in some cases; which were made without knowing the contents of the indications”.

In the same way, he reminded that those adjustments “have entered yesterday” thus, the contents are not public yet. “I would like that everybody can have the opportunity to see them first and then make the statements” “be serious on this debate is to read what the indications says before make any unpleasant opinion”.

Valdés finally added that the set of indications which were exposed consent to progress in order to fulfill the objective” of balance the project in the manner to make it effective but at the same time proportional”.

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