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Chile outrage over rape and death of 19-month-old girl
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On Saturday, a 19-month-old girl was allegedly raped and beaten by her aunt’s partner in Rinconada, Valpara√≠so region, central Chile.

Ambar died of her injuries at hospital and the Police of Investigations detained the suspect.

The Government presented legal actions against the man, who appeared in court this afternoon and was taken into custody for a six-month period.

Francisco Flores Seguel | Agencia UNO
Francisco Flores Seguel | Agencia UNO

The secretary of Justice, Hernan Larra√≠n, lamented her death and that both her family and the State had “failed to give her the protection she needed”.

She was living with her aunt because a family court ruled in her favour, but her brother, Ambar’s uncle, has accused that he was denied guardianship because he is a homosexual.

Ignacio P√°ez added that, during an audience, he was asked whether he was gay or not. His answer was affirmative and he was told it was no problem. Now he aims to obtain guardianship of his other niece, Ambar’s 8-year-old sister.

Ignacio P√°ez. Francisco Flores Seguel | Agencia UNO
Ignacio P√°ez. Francisco Flores Seguel | Agencia UNO

The suspect ran for a seat in the Rinconada City Council in the 2016 elections with the support of the far-right party UDI.

Nevertheless, UDI clarified late Sunday that he has never been one of their members. “Even though he was a candidate with UDI support, he ran independently”, they said in a statement.

The pediatrician who examined her said on Facebook that “to ask for the death of (this) monster is just to get it off one’s chest”, he wrote. “We all suffered accompanying this pretty angel”, he added.

Hundreds of people gathered outside the court where he was taken to hear the charges he will face. Protesters broke windows and threw rocks at the building.

This case rekindled the controversial bid by right-wing parliamentarians to reinstate death penalty as punishment, proposal that was swiftly shut down by Larraín as Chile has signed an array of international agreements that make impossible to restore said measure.

Francisco Flores Seguel | Agencia UNO
Francisco Flores Seguel | Agencia UNO
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