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Chile denies entry to Mike Tyson due to criminal record

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United States boxing star, Mike Tyson, was denied the entry into Chile this Thursday.

“Iron Mike” landed at Santiago’s Arturo Merino Benítez airport this morning, but failed to comply with the authorities’ requirements due to his criminal record.

Hence, the Chilean Police of Investigations (PDI) is going to send him back to US territory tonight.

Chilean Immigration Law authorises PDI to forbid the entry into the country to any foreigner with a criminal record or sentences in their nation of origin.

In Mr Tyson’s case, he was sentenced to six years of prison in the 1990s because of rape. Also, he has been convicted of cocaine possesion, among other felonies.

The former boxer’s trip to Chile involved a hosting gig at the “Space Awards” in a hotel in Vitacura, one of the country’s richest, most expensive boroughs.

Tyson, who has never been to Chile, almost visited the country in 2016 when he was going to host the play titled “Undisputed Truth”, which was later taken to Broadway.

The same was taken to other American countries, with successful presentations in Buenos Aires and Punta del Este.

Nonetheless, and just a few days before his first visit, Mr Tyson cancelled his presentation.

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