Antofagasta Minerals announces reorganization and dismisses 7% of its workers

ARCHIVO | Ariel Marinkovic | AFP
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Antofagasta Minerals announced this Tuesday its reorganization by the layoff of almost the 7% of their total workers.

By a statement, the company detailed the modification is part of a program which purpose is to protect the company competitiveness and to decrease the production costs.

It is about a competitiveness and costs program the company is driving through four action axis: services productivity, maintaining management; energy efficiency and organizational effectivity.

The Executive President of Antofagasta Minerals, Iván Arriagada, pointed out that “together with other actions we are doing, like the contracts revision, this organizational adjust means to protect our operations competitiveness and its possibilities of development. We wait hopefully not to take any additional measures, unless drastic changes on the market”.

Arriagada lamented “the effect that this decision has over the people who have worked efficiently and committed”, but he assured they have “to face responsibly the new conditions of the copper market and its recovery expectations”.

Concerning the people who will leave the company the next couple of days Centinela Miner and Pelambres Miner-Antofagasta Minerals, defined special exit conditions.

Centinela Miner informed the disassociation of 102 employers which means the 5% of its total staff.

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