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20 people died in traffic accidents during the long weekend

Pablo Vera Lisperguer | Agencia Uno
Pablo Vera Lisperguer | Agencia Uno
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The police department delivered this morning the total balance of dead people due to traffic accidents during the long weekend.

During the last four days 20 people died because of traffic accidents, this means 11 cases less than in 2014. While, there were 748 accidents in all the country and 650 people resulted with different kinds of injuries.

The Police General, Elias Venegas, pointed out that, in the Metropolitan Region, it was observed that traffic was slow at Road 5 South during last Sunday as in the Roads coming from Viña del Mar, this because ‘the highways are not designed to withstand 2 thousand and 3 hundred vehicles and there was a peak from 14:00 until 22:00 of 2 thousand and 7 hundred to 3 thousand vehicles’

Whereas, the police General pointed out that ‘the police conducted extensive controls and it seems curios that there were 214 people who were surprised committing offenses related to the use of safety seats for children. We appeal to parents about the use of the safety seat, it is an investment, it means taking care of your children’.

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