CONCEPCIÓN, CHILE – More than 300 signatures, have been recollected by the students of the “Universidad Católica de la Santísima Concepción” at the San Ándres Campus. To change the name of the Rectory Building, “Monseñor Ricardo Ezzati”.

The students of this University will make an official presentation to the Archbishop of Concepción, because the name of cardinal Ezzati does not represent the Institutions’ Values.

The president of the University’s Student Federation, Octavio Abello, pointed out, that they have an important student support and they are also looking to ratify the support of the community this Tuesday on the independence square.

The building’s name history, according to Radio Bio Bio’s sources, started with the presentation of the Rector Juan Cancino in front of the Superior Council, together with the Vice-rector of Economics and Administrations issues, Jorge Galleguillos and the support of the General Secretary of the Institution, Teresa Lobos.

We do not have records of the voting or discussion, so we cannot tell who participated on that instance, what we have is an “approbation sign” which was supported by Ezzati’s contribution on the Cañete HQ extension and his work in order to acquire San Andrés lands.

This is not the only building with the name of an ex- monsignor and Archbishop, the UCSC Central Library is named after Monseñor Antonio Moreno.

The name of the Rectory Building, classrooms and administrative offices is being questioned after the recent scandal of the leaked correspondence between Ezzati and Errazuriz .