Sergio Pizarro is a Chilean dentist, but he is not a common one. He take care of patients for free in Taltal, part of the Antofagasta Region.

This Dentist attend to more than 40 people for free per month on town. Collecting more than a thousand consultations on the last period.

And not only are the consultations free of charge, but he also pay for all the supplies his patients need.

But, why does he do this? Pizarro told he has a strong motivation to do that. Which he explained last Wednesday on Mentiras Verdaderas TV show from La Red; he was interviewed by Ignacio Franzani, who called him “The people’s dentist”.

Accordingly with his statements, the reason why he decided to take care of the people for free, is because for him it is a way of retribution to a community who safe his life.

The professional told that two years before, he suffered a traffic accident on the Paposo slope. Which is located near Taltal. He was in danger of fallen from a precipice. He could die but locals who aided him saved his life.

In relation to the free consultations, he said he want to “construct a new society, more human, fairer, more solidary. Starting from that we can move forward to other things. We are always watching the delinquency, the crimes, the citizen insecurity, but whenever we know each other we can advance in order to construct a society with values”.

“All of us is maybe interested on the economic matter, but first we are humans. On this point we have to work in the construction of the country in a human scale”. He added.