Government Spokesmen assumes responsibility for computer information of Michelle Bachellet´s son
Publicado por: Daniela Wilhelm
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SANTIAGO, CHILE – Government Spokesmen, Marcelo Diaz, recognized he had received incomplete information about the files deleted from Sebastián Dávalos’ personal computer. Which he had used during his service as La Moneda´s Sociocultural director.

“I made the mistake, thus, I take on the complete responsibility”, said Diaz. In contrast with his last statement in which, he assured, Dávalo´s computer was formatted under strict internal protocol.

The controversial mistake came out because of Luis Escalona, La Moneda´s head of the informatic department, who told to the House of Representatives´ Investigation Commission, that Dávalos himself requested him the files elimination. Just before he render officially his resignation, hence the scandal resulting from Caval´s Society purchases and sales of land in Machali.

“I must be more exhaustive gathering the records”, claimed Diaz. Who trusted in a partial information deliver from Cristian Riquelme, Presidential Administration Director, briefly before the august 24 press release.

As a result, the secretary, had confirmed that the protocol which regulates the informatics security policy was provided in order to clarify the facts. The same they had delivered to the parliament commission.

Even though the information is recoverable, as they have mentioned to the representatives, Diaz warned “I’m not going to fail again. And in any case I will set my opinion about a special and absolutely technical matter. About I don’t have any competency or information to provide”.

Besides, he said, he would be able to attend the Caval´s commission to give his personal vision over these events. “As we have already mentioned repeatedly, our will is to always collaborate with any investigation”, added Marcelo Diaz.

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