The Supreme Court rejected the writ of cassation submitted by the Council of Defense of the State, and ratified the sentence which condemned the State to pay the amount of $3 million pesos to 659 people, who went through the detention centers, arranged by the dictatorship, among the 11 of September of 1973 and March 10 of 1990.

On a divided verdict, the second room of the highest Tribunal, commanded the payment to the ex-prisoners, for being victims of a crime against humanity.

” The civil actions submitted by the victims against the State, tending to achieve the reparation of the caused detriments, has found its reason at the general paradigms of the International Law of Human Rights, and its normative recognition at the international agreements ratified by Chile, which force the State to recognize and protect this right of complete reparation”, the verdict concluded.

At the suit submitted by the lawyer Víctor Rosas, are describe the abuses suffered by the victims who were detained back then.