President Michelle Bachelet decided to await for the Hague´s verdict in Chile. The ICJ (International Court of Justice), will deliver its Judgment on the preliminary objection to the jurisdiction of the Court raised by Chile in the case Bolivia v. Chile next Thursday September 24th. The Same day it was programed her arrival to New York City in order to participate of a new General Assembly edition of the United Nations.

The information was provided by La Moneda´s high sources, who explained the decision was took on Wednesday noon, at soon as the Court notification was knew. As a result, the president decided to move the trip from September 23th, to September 24th, at night.

The reschedule decision will be announce officially this Thursday.

On the same line, we have to remember that the Foreign Affairs Minister, Heraldo Muñoz, assured our country its awaiting sober and confident the ICJ verdict, which will be communicate next September 24th.

“Chile is awaiting sober, confident because we have done all the necessary to defend the national interest on this stage”, declared Muñoz.

Our country brought on July of 2014 an objection to the ICJ competence; accordingly to the Bolivian suit lodged on this tribunal on 2013, with the purpose of forcing Chile to negotiate access to the Pacific Ocean, after lose their cost in a war which has confronted both countries at the end of the XIX century.

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