A plane crash occurred this afternoon in the rural sector of Ilihue, in the town of Lago Ranco, Los Ríos region. A private helicopter owned by former president Sebastián Piñera crashed in the middle of a body of water, with at least four occupants.

Three of them were able to get out of the aircraft; however, the pilot was reportedly left inside.

According to the first information, the helicopter took off in the middle of a rainy and foggy day that affects the area and, after a few minutes of flight, it lost lift and fell.

So far, the identity and fate of the occupants are unknown. The former President is reported missing.

According to preliminary police information, today at 14:57 a telephone call was received at the Lago Ranco police station, informing that “an aircraft, apparently a helicopter, had crashed in this sector, Carabineros and Navy personnel went to the place to verify the veracity of the procedure”.

According to Radio Bío Bío’s sources, the former president was on board the helicopter with family members. When the aircraft crashed, three of the passengers managed to get out by unbuckling their seat belts. Meanwhile, a fourth occupant, presumably former President Piñera, remained inside the crashed structure.

We are gathering more background on this news, stay tuned for updates.