The Daya Foundation has launched, at the locality of Quinamávida (Central Chile), the harvest of the “largest-ever” plantation of medical marijuana in Latin America.

The Foundation responsible of the cultivation, expects to obtain 1.5 tons of sprouts, from the sowing of 6.440 plants. The shoots are going to be transformed into plant drugs by Knop Laboratories. Products that will benefit to 4.000 people along 20 townships of the country.

Ana María Gazmuri, executive director of Daya Foundation, expressed her conformity with the process they have begun and assured that “this is an important day. We want this harvest to be the first of many others, in Latin American countries”, to encourage the use of alternative therapies.

Additionally, Gazmuri explained that “this is a collaborative platform, developed together with 20 townships, Knop Laboratories, three Health Institutions, and the University of Valparaíso. We believe this is an important step to advance into the generation of science and knowledge about the therapy of cannabis”.

The main purpose of this project is the creation of three clinical studies, which are going to be developed by the Cancer National Institute and the Hospitals San Borja Arriarán and Las Higueras of Talcahuano. They will use the drugs in patients with oncological illness, refractory epilepsy and not oncological chronic pain.