President Michelle Bachelet promulgated the law which allow the creation of 15 state centers of technical training, along the country

The new centers would be constructed in every region of the country, by means of three stages: the firsts five education centers are going to be opened in 2018, other five in 2019, and the rest in 2021.

Bachelet explained that, through this centers of technical training, “we are shaping a system of technical education that starts in schools, it will perfect on this centers, and is going to be channeled by employments of high demand”.

Additionally, the head of State, added that every center will count with supporting of a state or public university, which is going to be a partner along the educational process.

The Locations

Tarapacá: Alto Hospicio
Coquimbo: Ovalle
La Araucanía: Lautaro
Maule: Linares
Los Lagos: Llanquihue

Los Ríos: La Unión
Valparaíso: San Antonio
Metropolitana: Peñalolén
Magallanes: Punta Arenas
Antofagasta: Calama

2021 (the cities are still in process of definition )
Arica y Parinacota