This Monday will be the meeting of stockholders of Codelco, a crucial encounter to determinate the development of the structural projects of the company, evaluate the possible changes and in addition, to know if the goverment is going to capitalize or not the corporation.

The extraordinary meeting has been scheduled to this afternoon at 16.00 pm and will have two central axis. First of all, the reviewing of the advance of the structural projects, constructions which are expected to bring viability to the company, because they will represent, from 2020, almost the middle of its production, and to the next decade this participation will increase to 80%.

The second point, has direct relation with the first one, and it is about the financing of the business plan of Codelco, which ascend to 25.000 million dollars for the 2014-2018 term. On this matter is essential the capitalization of the government, which has compromised capital increase for 1000 million dollars for the next three years.