President Michelle Bachelet signed on Friday morning, a bill in order to regulate the exercise of the right to vote of the Chilean outside the country.

On april 30th of 2014 the president promulgated a law which allow to more than 850 thousands of chileans living outside the country to vote. A year and a half after that day, the president sent to the congress an initiative to modificate the Constitutional Organic law relating to the electoral inscription system, the Electoral Service and the law of popular voting and the scrutiny. This, to regulate the way on how the beneficiaries are going to have access to this right.

The executive proposal explained that the compatriots interested on voting should be registered only once for indicate their electoral address outside Chile.

It will be unnecessary to register over again on every election and also will be not required to give credit of having relation with the country or previous visits to Chile.

“Those who meet the requirements that are required of every Chilean to vote will be also habilitated to make it abroad, because for Chile there are not citizens of first or second category ” said Bachelet.