There are only 2 days left to know the verdict of the International Court of Justice. Precisely to know if the court will declare itself competent or not to resolve the Bolivia’s demand which want to obligate Chile to negotiate sovereign access to the Pacific Ocean.

That´s the reason why the both countries on dispute have accelerate its schedules related to this issue and in the particular case of Chile, the meetings were intensified.

Yesterday’s morning, Chancellor Heraldo Muñoz and the Chilean agent Felipe Bulnes analyzed the concern with the assessor committee, of 30 people. While president Bachelet opened a space on her agenda and decided to receive the foreign affairs’ commissions of the chamber of deputies and the senate.

All of those meetings have only the purpose to give union signals and at the same time to avoid the criticism due to the decision of objecting to the ICJ’s competency, facing an unfavorable verdict for our country.

Heraldo Muñoz declared that there is a transversal coincidence on that the preliminary action presented was the correct decision and also he recognized that it was a political decision took by president Bachelet after she heard all the sectors opinions.

Union that for the Ministry for foreign affairs it´s necessary, especially to not open flanks which could be use by Bolivia. In like manner, they solicited to enforce the message that on this Thursday Chile is not going to put in risk its sovereign.

The senate president, Patricio walker, warned that under any result, the decision of objecting the ICJ competence was supported by all the political sectors.

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