Finance Minister, Rodrigo Valdés, assured the country has the resources to help the Coquimbo zone and those who resulted affected after the earthquake. He stated the government it´s evaluating the damages in order to assign the support.

The authority pointed out the magnitude is still being under calculation and they will have the numbers as soon as possible, which will be polished over time.

“As the Finance Minister I want to be very clear on that point. Chile has the resources and we will reassign the necessary funds to help as is appropriate on this cases”, the minister emphasized.

The minister explained that even though the Government has diverse expenses, on this kind of situations we have to “consider the priorities”.

“This is a moment in which the concept of prioritize it´s easier to understood. We have many projects in progress and will be mandatory to make some gradually in order to give space to the necessity of help on this case”, Valdés stated.

All of this as a result of minister Burgos statements who said that the quake has come on a hard economic moment.