Close to the afternoon of this Friday, the priests of La Moneda started the ecumenical ceremony in the memory of the ex-president Salvador Allende, 42 years after the coup of 1973.

President Bachelet and relatives from the Popular Union President, like the senator Isabel Allende participated from the service.

In concordance with the past Bachelet said: “Today Chile lives a day of memory and emotions, a day to pay homage to those who defended the democracy with their lives and who gave us a moral and civic example which still resound”.

“It is with that dedication and with the reencounter of the democrats how Chile became a country for everyone, a country which is capable to face the present demands with solid institutions and although they are perfectible, they allow a cohabitation provided of the right and respect for the other “, added the president.

“We will not forget the past that teach us, we will not turn off the memory of the companions who inspire us, we will not stop the construction over their path, the more free country, full and fairer that our sons and daughters are asking for”, concluded her.

The ceremony was also attended by the ex-presidents Eduardo Frei and Ricardo Lagos. Otherwise, Patricio Aylwin and Sebastián Piñera did not participate because of personal and schedule problems.