This Friday the CEP (center of public studies) informed the results of the survey applied in August, where President Michelle Bachelet obtains an important fall on her approbation rate.

Meanwhile in April this rate reached the 29%, on this measuring the rate fell to 22%. In contrast, her disapproval go up from 56% in April to 61% in August.
With this disapproval rate, Bachelet is just 1 point far from the maximum obtained by Sebastián Piñera, on 2011 November- December item, with a 62 percentage.

Accordingly with Bachelet leadership evaluation facing crisis, 62% stated they do not believe she has this attribute in a proper way. While 31% believe she has it. Falling on this item 4 percentage units in regarding of April.

Another important decrease was detected on the evaluation of her disposition to dialogue and achieve agreements with the opposition. 39% believe she has the disposition on this meaning, 8 percentage units less than April. In contrast, those who disbelieved on her disposition increase from 42% to 49%.

About the Government capacity to proceed with ability in front of the pressuring from institutions, groups and people, the 20% believe it has shown this attribute, six units less in comparison with the last measuring. Otherwise, 72% consider it did not proceed properly on this point, increasing in 5 percentage units.

In reaction to the results, Government Spokesmen, Marcelo Diaz, pointed out: “The president said she did not came to take care of her political capital but to make the required reforms to put Chile in a more equality path”.