Chile is heading to the polls Sunday in a presidential primary with no women on the ballot.

The six candidates are divided into two electoral alliances: Apruebo Dignidad and Chile Vamos.

While Apruebo Dignidad represents the left and the far-left with two aspirants, Chile Vamos ranges from one independent to one far-right former mayor.

Only one candidate from each pact will go forth in the race and compete in the November election, with a December run-off likely.

The country’s traditional centre-left, the political coalition that governed almost uninterruptedly from 1990 to 2018, could not reach a deal for a primary.

However, the president of the Senate, Yasna Provoste, a former Education minister and a left-leaning Christian Democrat, could become their nominee.

Who’s running today?

Apruebo Dignidad

Daniel Jadue

Current Recoleta mayor and member of the Communist Party.

Cristóbal Escobar | Agencia UNO

Gabriel Boric

A former student leader with a seat in the House and a member of Frente Amplio, Chile’s new left.

Leopoldo Pizarro | Agencia UNO

Chile Vamos

Sebastián Sichel

A right-leaning independent from humble beginnings, Sichel led the Ministry of Social Development and Family under the Piñera administration… until the president used a cabinet reshuffle to kick him off the government.

Francisco Castillo | Agencia UNO

Ignacio Briones

Piñera’s former Finance minister. His campaign was criticised after he said that he wanted to “bury” Augusto Pinochet’s dictatorial legacy.

Sebastián Beltrán Gaete | Agencia UNO

Mario Desbordes

Desbordes also had a seat in Piñera’s cabinet, until December 2020, as Defence minister.

Daniel Araya Martín | Agencia UNO

Joaquín Lavín

A member of the far-right party UDI, Lavín is an Opus Dei supernumerary.

Sebastián Beltrán Gaete | Agencia UNO